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TPF is The Perfect Family!

This family owned business has been in operation teaching Martial Arts based in Christianity since May 2002.

Throughout our many years of teaching, we are proud to have not only trained Champions in Taekwondo, but also Champions in Life.

TPF has trained over 30 Black Belts and numerous Grand National and National Champions.

We take pride in not only our quality instruction, but more importantly our “Safe and Happy” environment.

We have had the opportunity to perform demonstrations for The Anchor House, Toys for Tots, City-Con Comic Convention, and many Outreach Ministries.

As a Christian Taekwondo University (CTU), we take time during class to pray for our Team and family members, as well as include Bible verses in our curriculum.

We love our TEAM and hope to have you be a part!


Our Black Belts are Kukkiwon Certified and Internationally recognized for their Rank and Accomplishments

Registered School Board Vendor PCSB

TPF Proudly Teaches World Taekwondo Federation Poomsaes and Sparring System.

Tae Kwon Do Master | Master Jessi Rodriguez

Meet the Master

Master Jessi Rodriguez has practiced Taekwondo since 1992.

USCDKA Hall of Fame recipient for being a  Pioneer in Taekwondo.

Appointed USCDKA Chung Do Extreme (CDX) Adviser by Sr. Grandmaster Edward B. Sell and Grandmaster Brenda J. Sell.

Created and Filmed CDX forms that are used in National Competition.

11 Time Undefeated Grand National Champion in the Extreme Forms Category.

1st Place in Men’s Extreme Open Forms at the ISKA US Open 2019

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